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Expanded polystyrene Balls, Eggs, stars, hearts and other shapes.....
Polystyrene balls
20 mm to 0ver 2000 mm

We offer a range polystyrene
balls from 20 mm ( aprox 1 inch ) to over 2000 mm diameter

All expanded polystyrene used contains
a flame retarding additive.

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Hollow Polystyrene Footballs
600mm to over 2000mm

Large hollow polystyrene balls, made up
from hexagons and pentagons are now
available. They are available from 600 mm
to over 2000mm
( 6 foot )

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Polystyrene Eggs.

Polystyrene eggs are available from 3cm to over 120 cm high.

These can be supplied plain white, painted
or glittered.

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Geodesic Spheres

We can produce a range of geodesic shapes.

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Polystyrene Hearts
and other valentine items.

We offer a wide rande of polystyrene hearts from 50 mm to over 1200 mm.

different styles are available including 2D flat hearts, and 3d sculpted hearts.

Clear plastic / acrylic hearts, and heart shape boxes are also available.

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Polystyrene Balloons.
20 mm to 0ver 2000 mm

Polystyrene balloons are available in a wide range of sizes and finishes.

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Craft Supplies

We have a wide range of moulded polystyrene shapes ideal for art and craft projects. - These include polystyrene balls, eggs, cones, rings, stars, animals and many other shapes.

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Polystyrene Coving / extrusions

We can manufacture bespoke coving
to customer drawings.

We are able to produce the coving and curved extrusions to a specified
radius / diameter.

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Polystyrene Cones
60 mm to over 2400 mm

We have a range of moulded polystyrene cones up to 150 mm high.

We can cut polystyrene cones to and
any size.

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