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Polystyrene Balls, Spheres & shapes

Cut polystyrene balls : ranging from 150mm to over 1500 mm
Moulded polystyrene balls : Ranging from 20mm to 290 mm
Clear, plastic hollow balls
Egg Shapes, made from polystyrene. : Ranging from 50 mm to over 1500 mm
Balloon shapes, made from polystyrene
Ball Price List
Styrofoam balls
Large polystyrene spheres / footballs -
These larger spheres are hollow and made up from hexagons and pentagons - similar to a football.

In-store & window Display / visual merchandising

Towel Folders : Create the effect of a neat pile of towels from just one towel. Info   Price list   Photos
Fabric Drapers: inexperienced staff can drape fabric in minutes Info, price list, photos.
Shirt and jean folders
Polystyrene Heads and torsos :
Male head, female head, male bust, female bust.

Christmas Displays

Technical / Specialist Cutting.

Besides spheres and half spheres, our machines enable us to cut other shapes in polystyrene.

We are able to cut convex and concave curves, and many other 3-dimensional shapes, to a high degree of accuracy.. If you wish to submit a drawing we will be pleased to quote for you.

Also see: Polystyrene balls and shapes, letters & signs,


Graham Sweet studios: Retail Display props for use in visual merchandising, shop window displays, point of purchase displays (pop), Christmas displays, exhibitions, advertising, museums, film props, television props, theatre props, photos, and also technical cutting of polystyrene, such as coving balls and polystyrene springs. also available are polystyrene formers for concrete casting.

Polystyrene letters, polystyrene concrete formers and polystyrene coving.

Many moulded polystyrene shapes are now available, including balls and polystyrene display heads. male and female heads are available.
each head is made from a high quality expanded polystyrene.

Unless otherwise stated, all our polystyrene display products contain a fire retarding additive.

Polystyrene EPS spheres are available from 20mm to over 2 meters.
Larger spheres are also available in 2 halves ( hemispheres )
Very large spheres are made up from hexagons and pentagons
. There are 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons to each sphere.