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Polystyrene chain is available in a variety os sizes and designs, from 5cm links, to over 40 cm links. Custom chain can be made espesualy to suit your needs.

The chain, being made from expanded polystyrene, is very light and easy to handle. It is available with a toughened coating which makes it much stronger than plain polystyrene chain. Due to the nature of the material, the polystyrene chain offers low noise levels, which can be especualy usefull for film sets.

Chain is available in many finishes, including plain white, iron, steel, gold, silver and the popular"rustlite"tm finish ( price list below ) , which is an incredibly realistic, imitation rusty chain. If you have a specific color / finish in mind, please call us to see if we can help.

Every link of chain we produce is individualy sculpted, to achive the ralistic quality finish of the chain.

All Rustlite chain is available for sale or for hire.

All polystyrene used containes a flame retarding additive. EPS 70 E.

More props are available. These include lightweight sculptures stone and wood finishes, and the rest of the rustlite collection.

Below is the price list for the "Rustlite" TM chain. This is an incredibly realistic chain with a rusty effect..
Petite chain 10.5cm x 6cm  
Small chain 15cm x 7.5 cm  
Medium chain 17.5 cm x 9 cm  
Large chain 29cm x 16cm  
Massive chain 39cm x 25cm  
All prices are subject to packing, cariage and VAT.
Chain, and other sculptures are available for hire. Please call for prices.
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