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The English Beam Engine.

These sculptures built by Graham Sweet have a degree of artistic license - as the real machines do not continuously emit steam as portrayed, neither do they rust readily.

Graham Sweet became fascinated with the idea of building the beam engine sculpture after seeing one in the local industrial museum in his home city of Cardiff.

His ambition now is to create a sculpture garden of historical industrial machinery in England as a 'shop window' for the growing number of his clients who are seeking such sculptures for shop, display and exhibition use.

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Ref. BM/20.3.97

The English Beam Engine was invented in England at the beginning of the 18th century and originally used for pumping water out of the
Cornish tin mines. A fly wheel was later added to the original design and the engine came into popular use throughout Great Britain during the Industrial Revolution, particularly in the cotton mills of the Midlands and to pump water supplies around the cities. The engines were made in England and exported all over the world.

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