Winter Display

Made from a high quality expanded polystyrene. Our penguins are finished with black, white and gold glitter. Each penguin is individually hand crafted at our studios in the uk. Discounts are available for large orders. All prices are subject to packing, carriage and VAT. Other sizes are available on request.


 500 mm high Polystyrene Baby Penguin   £263.67
 700 mm high Polystyrene Penguin   £317.63
 900 mm high Polystyrene Penguin   £364.65
 Pair of Pink and blue 500 mm high Polystyrene Baby Penguins   £617.10
 Set of 2 700 mm high Polystyrene Penguins + ice blocks _ snowflakes   £645.15

polystyrene penguins

Standard / comic penguins

standard polystyrrne display penguins

Stylised / sleek penguins

stylised polystyrene penguin


sculpted poly penguin

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