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Health and safety information:

EPS : Expanded Polystyrene Products.
We sell products to a diverse market, so to know the suitability of our products and EPS ( expanded polystyrene ) specifically, for every end user would be impossible. Below is information which is intended as a guide, but It is the responsibility of the end user to ensure that EPS is suitable for their needs.
Our products are mainly intended for Display / Decoration / Craft.
NONE of our products are intended as toys.
ALL the EPS we use contains a flame retarding additive.
All EPS products should be kept well away from hot lights / naked flames or any other source of ignition.
The EPS products are not sterile, and ARE NOT sold as "Food Safe". You should avoid any food that is to be consumed coming into contact with the EPS.
None of our products are suitable for small children. If EPS is broken / bitten, then small pieces can break off which can be a choking hazard.
If you are painting the EPS, you should only use water based paints and adhesives. Solvent based products can attack the polystyrene. When using any product on EPS, always ensure that it is suitable, and follow any safety instructions specific to the product. It is a good idea to try a small piece of EPS first, and check it an hours or so later to make sure there is no reaction. Emulsion paint, poster paint, PVA glue and LOW MELT craft glue guns are normally fine.
Safety information on any of our specific products is available on request.

Clear plastic balls & Shapes.
Intended for display / decorative use.
Not sold as sterile / Food safe.
Not suitable for young children, as if broken, can form sharp pieces.

Non Toxic.
Not considered a fire hazard.
Not suitable for young children, as may present a choking hazard.

Suspending items.
If you plan to suspend / hang any of the products, please contact the studio for further advice. We can supply certified safe hanging points - fitted to large balls / letters and other products.




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Graham Sweet Studios Herstellung Polystyrol / Styropor Display Requisiten für Instore-Display, Schaufenster-, Film-Requisiten, Event Thematisierung und anderen Gewerken. Unsere wichtigsten Produkte sind: Polystyrol-Kugeln, Styropor Kugeln, stryofoam Schneeflocken, Weihnachtsschmuck, Styropor Buchstaben, Styropor Buchstaben.

polystyrène fabrication / accessoires d'affichage en mousse de polystyrène pour l'affichage en magasin, vitrine, des accessoires du film, Thématisation événement et d'autres métiers. Nos principaux produits comprennent: des billes de polystyrène, des sphères en polystyrène, des flocons de neige stryofoam, décorations de Noël, des lettres en polystyrène, des lettres en mousse de polystyrène.

fabbricazione polistirolo / display sostegni di polistirolo per la visualizzazione store, vetrine, oggetti di scena film, tematizzazione degli eventi e altri traffici. i nostri prodotti principali includono: palline di polistirolo, sfere di polistirolo, stryofoam fiocchi di neve, decorazioni natalizie, le lettere in polistirolo, lettere styrofoam.

fabricación de poliestireno / apoyos de espuma de poliestireno pantalla para visualización dentro de la tienda, escaparates, accesorios de cine, la tematización de eventos y otros oficios. Nuestros productos principales incluyen: bolas de poliestireno, espuma de poliestireno esferas, copos de nieve stryofoam, decoraciones de Navidad, cartas de poliestireno, espuma de poliestireno cartas.


Graham Sweet studios: Retail Display props for use in visual merchandising, shop window displays, point of purchase displays (pop), Christmas displays, exhibitions, advertising, museums, film props, television props, theater props, photos, and also technical cutting of polystyrene, such as coving balls and polystyrene springs. also available are polystyrene formers for concrete casting.

Polystyrene letters, polystyrene concrete formers and polystyrene coving.

Many moulded polystyrene shapes are now available, including balls and polystyrene display heads. male and female heads are available.
each head is made from a high quality expanded polystyrene.

Unless otherwise stated, all our polystyrene display products contain a fire retarding additive.

Polystyrene EPS spheres are available from 20mm to over 2 meters.
Larger spheres are also available in 2 halves ( hemispheres )
Very large spheres are made up from hexagons and pentagons
. There are 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons to each sphere.