selections of polystyrene snowflakes on the set of top of the pops.

Polystyrene Snowflakes

Effortlessly turn any space into a winter wonderland with our polystyrene snowflakes. Ideal for shop windows, event theming, and in-store displays, our snowflakes bring the magic of the season to life. Lightweight and easy to install, so you can transform your site with ease. Explore our collection today and let the snowflakes work their wintery charm.

Our snowflakes are Designed and manufactured at our studios in the UK, and shipped world wide. This means we can offer fast turn-around right up to Christmas.

All our snowflakes are manufactured from display grade expanded polystyrene containing a flame retarding additive. These are an ideal, cost effectve way of creating a festive christmas theme for any retail display, instore display, production or event.

To place an order for snowflakes, or any other of our commercial Christmas decorations & displays, please call a member of out team on +44 (0)29 20 522 510 - or place an order through the online store.

giant polystyrene snowflake SF52P - 2000mm high

In-store & Window Display

Over the years we have supplied polystyrene snowflakes to all manor of stores from national house-hold names, to smaller interdependent stores. From department stores, boutiques, and toy shops to estate agents and banks.

It is vital that retailers create a festive seasonal look in their shops during the all important weeks building up to Chrisatmas. This is the busiest time of the year, and a successful Christmas can be the difference between make and break.

Our snowflakes are light, and easy to install in shop windows and throughout the store. They can work as a backdrop to compliment products and mannequins etc, or act as the main focus of the display.

For larger orders, we can handle distribution of snowflakes and other display items for multi-store roll outs, to deliver pre-packed to your central distribution centres.

We are also used to working with smaller independents, and are always on-hand to offer advise on the most suited items, and how to display them.

Our snowflakes are designed and manufactures at our sutdios in the uk.

play snowflake video

Event & Venue themeing

Polystyrene snowflakes- event and venue theming

Snowflakes can be a very cost effective way to decorate a large or small venue. Being so light, they are easy to install, and the risk of damaging fixtures is cut to a minimum.

All our snowflakes come with hanging points as standard, and we can also supply rolls of nylon to hang them by.

Last minuet event? don't panic! All our snowflakes are manufactured in our studios in the UK, so we never run out of stock, and are able to supply quickly - at short notice. Timed deliveries are available if you only have access to the venue for a limited time.

Television & photo-shoots

polystyrene snowflakes for tv and photo shoots

We work with television companies, film studios and photo studios on a day-to-day basis, so are used to the demands of the industry. (Graham himself was a photographer before moving into visual merchandising) We can turnaround the snowflakes and other props very quickly when necessary. Over the Christmas buildup we run extra shifts to meet demand.

No storage? No problem. We work with dedicated couriers who can ensure your props are with you when ever you want them - even the morning of the shoot. We often make deliveries at 7 or 8am in central London and else ware.

Christmas in July? If you are pre-shooting any Christmas programs or promotions, we are always ready. As we manufacture all our Christmas props in our studios in the UK, we never have to wait for stock to come in.
Polystyrene Christmas snowflake designs


Polystyrene Snowflakes are available from 140 mm (approx 6 inches) to over 2000mm (approx 6 foot)in diameter. Our poly snowflakes are designed and manufactured in our studios in the UK - so are available right up to Christmas. They can be shipped world-wide, and are available in 8 exclusive designs. If you have your own snowflake design, we also offer a bespoke service. Cal lthe studio to find out more.

Polystyrene snow flake hanging points

Hanging points

Our polystyrene snowflakes are lightweight and come pre-fitted with hanging points which makes them quick and simple to install.
For photo shoots, many customers prefer to have their snowflakes without these hanging points - just mention this when ordering.
Polystyrene snowflake finish options


Snowflakes are available in plain white polystyrene, with frost glittered faces, or can also be faced with coloured glitter. We have a wide range of glitter available to fit with any theme.
All our snowflakes are cut from high quality expanded polystyrene, containing a flame retarding additive.
Polystyrene snowflake designs

Centrepiece Snowflakes

In addition to our standard range of polystyrene snowflakes; we have our centrepiece snowflake designs. They make an ideal focal point in a Christmas window display. Please contact the studio for more information.

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