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These terms and conditions will be updated from time to time. To ensure you are reading the most up-to-date version, please refresh this page.

Please note that our premises are not open to the public and therefore we are unable to process any orders or returns on site.

Welcome to our website. If you continue to browse and use this website, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use, which together with our privacy policy govern Graham Sweet Studios' relationship with you in relation to this website. The term "Graham Sweet Studios" or "us" or "we" refers to the owner of the website whose business address is:

Graham Sweet Studios Limited.
Unit 6, 7 and 8, Clos Menter,
Excelsior Industrial Estate,
Clos Menter,
Cardiff, CF14 3AY

Graham Sweet Studios is a trading name of Graham Sweet Studios Limited.

Graham Sweet Studios Ltd is a limited company registered in England and Wales with registered number 13562479.

The term "you" refers to the user or viewer of our website.

Terms of Use

Privacy Policy


Please see our privacy notice here, which forms part of the terms and conditions of using our site.

Payment Terms

Our standard terms are full payment up front, prior to commencement of work on any orders. Where special arrangements have been made for full or part payment on account, payment must be received by us on the agreed dates. Failure to pay on the agreed dates will result in a £20 per month admin fee, plus 15% APR.

Dispatch Times

Dispatch times will vary from product to product. Where multiple items are ordered, the longest dispatch time will apply to all items unless prearranged. Below is a guide to dispatch times. Please note that these are not set in stone, if your order is very urgent - or an exact delivery day is critical, please call the studio or click on live support to double check prior to ordering - We can normally squeeze urgent orders through, so let us know the date you need items for when ordering :)

Shipping Times

In normal circumstances, all the couriers we use deliver when expected, however, please note that we cannot guarantee delivery times, only to dispatch on time with the chosen delivery method. The closest to guaranteeing a delivery time is with a dedicated door-to-door service which is charged by the mile. Any delivery method may be subject to weather, traffic, and other unforeseen circumstances. If your order is for a very urgent, or time-sensitive event, for example, we would always recommend a dedicated delivery.

When you check out you will be presented with a range of delivery options - depending on the size of the items you have ordered. The following shipping times are in addition to the dispatch times quoted above.

Please note that pallet deliveries are "Kerb-side," which means that the driver is not obliged to bring the pallet into the building. They will normally bring it in if you have a large roller door, for example, but they will not unpack a pallet and carry it in, and certainly not upstairs.


We must be contacted prior to the return of any goods regardless of circumstances If a product is defective we need to know within 3 days of receipt. We will replace any items that were delivered damaged free of charge. We are TRADE ONLY - Our products are made to order, so we cannot accept any returns unless the items are faulty or not as described.

Cancelling a paid order. If you need to cancel an order, please phone the studio ASAP. If you have ordered out of normal working hours, please email the studio straight away. A cancellation charge may apply. Most of our products are manufactured to order - this includes some of the larger balls and eggs, snowflakes, letters, and more. Work may begin on your order soon after it is placed. Once your order has been started, we are unable to cancel it and offer a full refund. Depending on how much work had been done to your job, we may be able to offer a part refund.

Intended Use of Products / Health and Safety Information


We sell products to a diverse market, so to know the suitability of our products for every end user would be impossible.

In general, it is important to note that unless explicitly stated or agreed, ALL of our products are intended as display props, and not intended for interaction. They are not to be climbed on or roughly handled.

Where interaction is likely, please ensure we know prior to ordering, as there are steps and options to mitigate / reduce any potential damage.

Our polystyrene letters, for example, are very popular for events and graduations, etc. Raw polystyrene letters would get chipped and look tatty very quickly. We recommend at a minimum these are coated with idenden, which makes them stronger and more resistant to fire. With this coating, the letters would normally stand up well to people posing with them and taking photos for a few days/occasions. If the letters are intended to be used year after year, then we may suggest that our 3d wooden letters are a better option.

Our products are by default intended for indoor use. Many of our products can be used outside without the weather adversely affecting them. It is important, however, to let us know if you intend to use them outside, as we may need to slightly adjust the manufacture of them.

Below is information which is intended as a guide, but it is the responsibility of the end user to ensure that EPS is suitable for their needs.

EPS : Expanded Polystyrene Products

Our EPS products are mainly intended for Display / Decoration / Craft.

NONE of our products are intended as toys.

ALL the EPS we use contains a flame-retarding additive.

All EPS products should be kept well away from hot lights / naked flames or any other source of ignition.

The EPS products are not sterile, and ARE NOT sold as "Food Safe". You should avoid any food that is to be consumed coming into contact with the EPS.

None of our products are suitable for small children. If EPS is broken / bitten, then small pieces can break off which can be a choking hazard.

If you are painting the EPS, you should only use water-based paints and adhesives. Solvent-based products can attack the polystyrene. When using any product on EPS, always ensure that it is suitable, and follow any safety instructions specific to the product. It is a good idea to try a small piece of EPS first, and check it an hour or so later to make sure there is no reaction. Emulsion paint, poster paint, PVA glue and LOW MELT craft glue guns are normally fine.

Safety information on any of our specific products is available on request.

Clear plastic balls & Shapes

Intended for display / decorative use.

Not sold as sterile / Food safe.

Not suitable for young children, as if broken, can form sharp pieces.



Not considered a fire hazard.

Not suitable for young children, as may present a choking hazard.

Suspending items

If you plan to suspend / hang any of the products, please contact the studio for further advice. We can supply certified safe hanging points - fitted to large balls / letters and other products.

Risk Assessment

We do not install or carry out site visits. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that where necessary, a risk assessment is undertaken, and that the products are safe / suitable to use in the intended way. We can supply material specifications to aid this.

Graham Sweet Studios Ltd

•Founded in 1969, incorporated 2021
• Retail Display • 3d Graphics • Props • Technical • Polystyrene Specialists

Please note that we are not open to the public. If you need to see us in person, please call to arrange an appointment.

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Graham Sweet Studios
Units 6 7 & 8 Clos Menter.
Excelsior Industrial Estate.
Western Avenue
CF14 3AY
United Kingdom.

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Graham Sweet studios Ltd, is a limited company registered in England and Wales with registered number 13562479

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