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Rocks, Stones and Boulders

Our rocks, stones and boulders are sculpted from expanded polystyrene containing a flame retarding additive. Each rock is made to order at our studios in the UK. We use a special coating on the rocks which make them much stronger, as well as more resistant to fire.
rocks - sculpted from polystyrene
Polystyrene sandstone rock props, for a window display at Harrods London.

Individually Sculpted

As each rock or stone prop is individually sculpted, we can make the to order for you at a specific size, shape or colour. We also have a range of rock finishes that you can choose from which can save time, and also development costs for a new finish.

Retail Display

Our lightweight rocks are commonly used for shop window displays; where we can sculpt them to your desired size to fit your windows. We can also cut in flat surfaces or shelves into the rocks for placing products.
polystyrene Pebbles, Carved from polystyrene, sanded smooth and finished with a realistic spray finish.
Stone Snowflake - from ESP with a realistic heavy finish


As well as retail display, our imiration rocks are used for film, tv and theatrical use. Being light weight they are easy to move around on set, and the special coating makes them much stronger than plain polystyrene. We can fit secure hanging / rigging points into most of our rock sculptures - depending on their shape.
polystyrene lumps of coal
Giant Easter Island head. Sculpted form EPS, finished with a sandstone effect.
1000mm diameter meteorites - produced form polystyrene.

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