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Polystyrene Eggs

We have a range of polystyrene eggs up to and over 2000mm high. These are ideal for Easter window displays, themed events, and Easter egg trails etc..

We use good quality display grade expanded polystyrene, containing a flame retarding additive. Eggs can be painted, Glittered, or left raw white polystyrene.

For more info on our range of decorated easter egg props see here. or continue below for plain polytyene egg shapes.

We also stock a range of smaller moulded polystyrene eggs. These are high density eggs, and unlike many of the moulded poly eggs available in the UK contain a flame retarding additive. - These are ideal for craft supplies etc.
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450mm high plain white polystyrene eggs

Custom Designs

We have 2 glittered pattern eggs as standard in our online store, These are spots or Stripes. We can also paint or glitter custom designs and patterns onto the eggs to tie in with your branding or theme.

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Selection of polystyrene eggs

Fixings and bases.

For an additional charge, the eggs can fitted with secure hanging points, bottom fixing points, or wooden bases to help the eggs stand up.

Selection of polystyrene eggs

UK Manufacture

Our Large cut eggs are manufactured at our studios in the UK – which mean we can usually offer very fast turnaround times. We use good quality expanded polystyrene containing a flame retarding additive, and don’t use any highly flammable adhesive when applying glitter.

1500 mm tall polystyrene egg

All orders are subject to packing, carraige and vat.
Any orders under the value of £125.00 for phone orders or
£50.00 for online orders
are subject to an additional £20.00 handling charge.

For smaller orders, please see www.polycraftsupplies.co.uk
where you can order smaller quantities online.

Discounts are available for large Resale orders. Please call for more info.

Moulded Polystyrene Eggs

100 mm Polystyrene Egg - pack of 1
120 mm Polystyrene Egg - pack of 1
155 mm Polystyrene Egg ( hollow )
225 mm Polystyrene Egg ( hollow )
280 mm Polystyrene Egg ( hollow )
380 mm Polystyrene Egg ( hollow )

Cut Polystyrene Eggs

150 mm polystyrene egg ( solid )
200 mm polystyrene egg ( solid )
250 mm polystyrene egg ( Solid )
300 mm polystyrene egg ( Solid )
390 mm polystyrene egg ( Solid )
450 mm polystyrene egg
500 mm polystyrene egg
600 mm polystyrene egg
700 mm polystyrene egg
800 mm polystyrene egg
900 mm polystyrene egg
1000mm high polystyrene egg
1200mm high polystyrene egg
1500 mm polystyrene egg
450 mm polystyrene egg

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