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polystyrene eggs
We manufacture polystyrene eggs up to and over 2000mm high. These are ideal for easter window displays, or themed events.
We use good quality display grade expanded polystyrene, containing a flame retarding additive. Eggs can be painted, and fitted with hanging points / fixings if required.
We also stock a range of smaller moulded polystyrene eggs. These are high dencity eggs, and unlike many of the moulded poly eggs available in the UK contain a flame retarding additive. - These are ideal for craft supplies etc.
painted polystyrene eggs

All orders are subject to packing, carraige and vat.
Any orders under the value of £125.00 for phone orders or
£50.00 for online orders
are subject to an additional £20.00 handling charge.

For smaller orders, please see
where you can order smaller quantities online.

Discounts are available for large Resale orders. Please call for more info.

Moulded Polystyrene Eggs - 50 mm to 380mm

 150mm Polystyrene Egg - 2 hollow parts   £2.61
 50mm Polystyrene Egg - 1 solid piece   £0.32
 60mm Polystyrene Egg - 1 solid piece   £0.37
 80mm Polystyrene Egg - 1 solid piece   £0.66
 ~100mm Polystyrene Egg - 1 solid piece   £0.93
 ~120mm Polystyrene Egg - 1 solid piece   £1.18
 ~225mm Polystyrene Egg - 2 hollow parts   £3.01
 ~280mm Polystyrene Egg - 2 hollow parts    £8.58
 ~380mm Polystyrene Egg - 2 hollow parts    £20.90

450 mm polystyrene egg