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Christmas 2023

Christmas Decorations for Retail Displays

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Halloween Display Props

We produce a wide range of Halloween themed props and decorations, including large decorated pumpkins, polystyrene bats and light weight chain. They are perfect for any Halloween themed window displays, events and organised activities. Learn more

Giant Christmas Baubles

Make an imact with your Christmas displays using our giant baubles! We produce baubles from 50mm diameter, to an extra large 1500mm! ( nearly 5 foot ). These can be in traditional glitter finish, or our new FineRock finish. These baubles are manufactured at out studios in the UK, so we can deliver right up to Christms. Learn more | Shop Now

Polystyrene Letters

We are specialists in polystyrene letters, and have been for over 50 years. When quality matters, experience shows.

UK-manufactured letters made of high-quality Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and Styrofoam/XPS, with a flame-retardant additive. Available in white, painted, or glittered, and can be finished with acrylic, MDF, plywood, or special finishes.
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Bauble VM Shelves

These shelves are ideal for Christmas window and instore VM displays. They are light weight, but secure enough to safely hold most small gifts. Their dual function displays your merchandise, while being decorative items in their own right.
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Christmas Display

Christmas Props and ideas for retail display
We have a wide range of Christmas props for instore / retail display and event theming. These include snowflakes, stars, snowmen, giant baubles, penguins and more.
Nearly all of our Christmas range is designed and manufactured at our studios in the UK.

Christmas baubles for retail display
Glitter Baubles

We have a range of different style Christmas baubles, from 50 mm, to over 1500mm diameter. We use good quality expanded polystyrene containing a flame retarding additive, and have a large choice of glitter finishes.
Christmas snowflakes for retail display
Christmas Display Snowflakes

Our snowflakes are manufactured on site in the UK, and shipped world wide. They are lightweight and come pre-fitted with hanging points, and are available in 6 designs.

Polystyrene Letters

polystyrene letters
Polystyrene letters and logos are ideal for exhibitions, photo shoots, events, in-store display and out door sign use. They can be supplied white, painted, covered with glitter, faced with acrylic, or one of our specialist finishes. We have over 40 years experience in cutting expanded polystyrene letters.

Seasonal Display

easter display props
Easter Props

Our Easter props and decorations have been used for window display, theatre props, and for Easter egg hunts / trails at shopping centres, country parks and theme parks.
polystyrene pumpkins for retails display and event theming
Halloween Display

These polystyrene ( glitter ) pumpkins are great for halloween events, partys and displays. They are available from 300 mm diam to over 1200 mm diameter. More props coming soon.
valentines commercial and retail display
Valentines Props

We have a wide range of display props for valentines including hearts, cupids, balloons and our new VM heart shelves - which are great for displaying gifts in window displays.

Polystyrene Balls

polystyrene balls styrofoam spheres
We offer a large range of polystyrene balls from 20 mm diameter to over 2000mm. Available plain white, painted or glittered. Custom sizes available. All our balls are produced from good quality expanded polystyrene containing a flame retarding additive.

3D Cardboard Letters

large 3d cardboard letters
In addition to our popular polystyrene, styrofoam & wooden letters, we are now pleased to offer a large range of freestanding cardboard, card and paper mache letters and numbers.

Clear Plastic Balls

clear plastic ball.
Our high quality plastic baubles are (crystal) clear, and split in half, making them an ideal way to display small items such as pictures, confectionery, jewelry or mobile phones. We also have a range of other clear plastic shapes including eggs and hearts.

3d Wooden Letters

3d wooden - mdf and plywood letters
In addition to our popular polystyrene/ styrofoam letters, we are now pleased to offer a large range of Wooden letters. Produced form MDF and Plywood, these are designed and constructed in-house with our newly developed "hollow wood" design.


bespoke polystyrene carving and shaping.
We have vast experience in producing bespoke props and displays from expanded polystyrene: either for one off jobs or nationwide roll outs. In the past we have produced everything from a giant set of tools, giant golf and foot balls to scale models of products, beer bottles, and even a life size replica of a section of Westminster bridge!

EPS Packaging

eps polystyrene packaging
We are experts in cutting expanded polystyrene and have been for 50 years. Our bespoke packaging pieces are accurately cut from good quality, display grade Expanded polystyrene containing a flame retarding additive.

Rocks, Stones & Boulders

polystyrene rocks stones and boulders
Our rocks, stones and boulders are sculpted from expanded polystyrene containing a flame retarding additive. Each rock is made to order at our studios in the UK. We use a special coating on the rocks which make them much stronger, as well as more resistant to fire.

Polystyrene Eggs

polystyrene eggs
We manufacture polystyrene eggs up to and over 2000mm high. These are ideal for Easter window displays, or themed events. We use good quality display grade expanded polystyrene, containing a flame retarding additive.

Technical Cutting

technical / specialist cutting of polystyrene and styrofoam
Polystyrene shapes can be cut to order, including custom polystyrene coving - curved coving and pipe section, other 2d and 3d shapes such as cones, eggs, tear drops, mathematical models and more.

Display aids

polystyrene towel folders and fabric drapers.
Fabric Drapers
Fabric Drapers can be prepared, easily and quickly in the display studio, ready for easy installation in the window. In fact they are so simple to use, even untrained staff can drape fabric in minutes. The results - perfect, regular, straight pleats every time, with no damage to the fabric. Learn More
polystyrene towel folders and fabric drapers.
Towel Folders
Towel folders / shams are ideal for high, in store, displays. Easy and quick to Fit FRA polystyrene, further coated with fire check.
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polystyrene industrial sculptures
These polystyrene sculptures are styled on heavy industrial iron castings including machinery, scrap iron, pipes, chains, anchors, and various lifting hoists evoking nostalgic memories of our industrial past.

Flu Bug Models

polystyrene flu and virus bug models
Weather it's at point of sale in a chemist - to promote flu jabs / vaccines, or strategically placed at public venues and events to educate and promote hand-washing, these bugs are sure to attract attention.

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