polystyrene letters

3D Polystyrene Letters, Signs and Logos

3D polystyrene letters, numbers & bespoke logos. Freestanding, wall mounted or hand-held. Manufactured in the UK from Good quality display grade Expanded polystyrene containign a flame retarding addditive. The letters can be supplied in white natural polystyrene, painted or glittered to the colour of your choice, faced with acrylic/ mdf / plywood, or one of our special finishes. We also make company logos from art work supplied.
We also manufacture 3d letters from MDF, Plywood, Styrofoam and foam.
2100mm high polystyrene letters. These were coated for strength, then painted with emulsion paint. These were for a customer who used them outside at a festival for a week.
giant polystyrene x - red glitter

When Quality Matters

We have over 40 years experience in cutting expanded polystyrene. In this time we have developed special techniques to achieve a superior smooth face, and unlike most, we do not cut through the letter to remove centres; thus leaving the face free of lines and marks. We only use polystyrene containing a flame regarding additive for our letters. Where appropriate, we apply a special fire retarding substance to the polystyrene, which further increases its resistance to fire - and it also makes the letters much stronger. Learn more.

When Timing Matters

In recent years we have heavily invested in our infrastructure and installed advanced facilities for drying paint, glitter and other finishes, enabling us to reduce lead times on jobs. This, along with decades of experience dealing with nationwide, and international roll outs means when we give you a delivery date, we stick to it.

Learn more.
hanging polystyrene logo - produced form a dell trade show
Giant, wall mounted, polystyrene letters for one byte reception area.


The polystyrene letters are lightweight, so installation is straightforward - making letters and logos are ideal for exhibitions, photo shoots, events, instore display and out door sign use. Even the very large letters stay relatively light - and can normally be easily handled by one person. ( some of the very large letters may need more than one).Polystyrene letters are an attractive option for most briefs as they are far lighter than metal or wooden letters of the same proportions.

giant polystyrene letters

Any size. Any font. Any logo.

We produce 3d letters and signs for smaller wall mounted installations, all the way up to giant free standing letters for events and festivals. We have a range of economical house fonts, but can also work from a designated font - or customer art work. Learn more.
 polystyrene letters for craft supplies and resale

Craft Letter supplies

If you are looking for small quantities of standard fonts - please see polycraftsupplies.co.uk where you will be able to select from a range of fonts, and sizes from 75 mm to 380 mm, and order online.
For large quantities for re-sale please contact us directly. Learn more.

Photo Gallery

Black Glitter Letters
4 foot high, printed face - polystyrene letters

Finish Options

Plain White

Even when the letters are produced in plain white polystyrene, they are sure to make an impact! These are ideal as smaller letters, and as single use props. Learn More

plain white polystyrene letters. Notice we havent cut through the edge of the g to take out the centre. 1800mm high plain white polystyrene letters ON for a photo shoot plain white 3d letters SENSATIONAL for BMW / Mini


Our painted polystyrene letters will look great at any event or in any display. We can match the paint to your paint, BS, or RAL references, or as close as possible to Pantone or other references meaning the letters will suit your branding or theme almost perfectly. Learn More.

Polystyrene 3d LOVE letters, painted pink, for You and Your Wedding magazine wall mounted polystyrene letters of an office installation polystyrene sale letters, 1165 mm high, painted red.


If you want to make a real impact with your polystyrene letters, then glittered letters are perfect! We have a wide range of glitter colours, and this finish is great if you fancy a little bit of sparkle at your event or display! The glitter is applied with a non-flammable adhesive, and if you are thinking of using the glittered letters outdoors, we can also coat the finished letters with clear varnish to further protect the letters. Learn More.

1165 mm hjgh, 3d letters - impact condensed font, gunmetal glitter, produced form itv's The Only Way Is Essex Giant Gold glittered letters. Polystyrene spin letters, gold glitter with brushed gold laminate.

Coated / Strengthened

Depending on where and how you will be using your polystyrene letters, we may recommend that they are coated with a special coating which will strengthen the letters as well as increase their fire protection. The letters can then be finished matt white or in a colour of your choice. This coating is almost always required for large letters for event and exhibition use, and if you are unsure, just ask! Learn More

Large white 3D letters for Clarks show room. 2000mm high, 400 mm thick MC letters for Mass Challenge conference. 1165mm high SMFA letters and logo for a Graduation at the school of Music and Fine Art, University of Kent


We can face the letters with a range of materials including MDF, acrylic and vinyl. This will give the faces of the letters a smoother and stronger finish. If you are needing a gloss finish for the faces of your letters, then acrylic facing would be an ideal option. Whether the letters are being used indoors or outdoors, we can help you find the perfect finish. Learn More

1165mm high, impact condensed 3d letters. Black Acrylic facing, with painted red edges. White polystyrene letters, faced with 3mm white acrylic to give a glossy face. polystyrene letter h. We have mounted MDF to the front and back ,ans then filled and sanded the edges to give an all over smooth matt finish.

Special Finishes

If you are looking for something a little different for your polystyrene letters, then take a look at our special finishes. We have a range of ‘natural’ finishes including bark, rock and sandstone which are sure to draw attention to the letters! Our Rustlite finish is one of our most recognised effects, and we are not afraid to experiment with different finishes to achieve the perfect result! Learn More

Bases and Fixings

We offer a range of base and fixing options for your polystyrene letters. These include permanent and removable bases, as well as providing fixings for you to mount onto your own structure or frame. We can also fit secure hanging points, and frames into letters and logos for safe suspension at venues. Learn more.
giant polystyrene letters

Making it work!

Some logos, and concepts can be a lot more challenging than just a few 3d free standing letters. Some logos can seem fragile, top heavy, or impossible to realize in 3D. With over 45 years experience in polystyrene letters, it is very rare that we can't find a solution. Learn more.
giant polystyrene letters

Packing and Delivery

The packing and delivery method will vary depending on the size and style of the letters. In most cases the letters will be packed in the sheet that they are cut from. This keeps them very secure in transit. For some very large letters we may need to use a combination of polystyrene packing sheets, bubble wrap and cardboard. Being economic with materials is always on our mind, and we dont want you to have too much packing material to dispose of; however the most un-economical option is not enough packing, and the product damaged in transit. Learn more.
giant polystyrene letters

Shop Display

h3d polystyrene letters, mamas and papas shop window display Our polystyrene letters are ideal for retail store displays - for both window displays and inside the store. They are great to use for permanent installations as well as for promotional use. The range of finishes available on the letters vary from matt white to sparkly glitter!


polystyrene 3d letters for ted x stage talks. Large letters on a stage are a great prop for conferences, whether in an intimate room or on a large stage. The letters create an effective backdrop, and are sure to make an impact!


polystyrene letters MAYFEST produced for Chester Races. If you are looking to make an impact at your event, then large polystyrene letters could be the perfect prop! Whether you opt for freestanding letters at 2ft, 3ft, 4ft high or larger, they are sure to draw attention!


polystyrene letters for BRAND ADDITION's echibition stand. If you’re looking for an eye-catching way to advertise your exhibition stand, polystyrene letters are ideal! We can produce your logo to mount onto the stand, or produce large free standing letters which can be seen from afar.

Photo Shoots

3d polystyrene letters for photo shoots. these letters were for a Jessie Wallace shoot. Our polystyrene letters can be used for a range of photo shoots including fashion, corporate and wedding shoots! With our wide range of finishes, they are sure to suit every photographers’ need.


Polystyrene letters for graduation photo shoots.. Large polystyrene letters are ideal to promote any university or college open day, graduation ceremony or event! They create great photo opportunities, and will help to make a moment to remember at your students’ special day!


Polystyrene letters. Glittered gold, and used as props at a wedding Our polystyrene letters are the perfect prop for weddings and other private events. They can be used as a backdrop to the days’ events as well as a prop for photo opportunities. Glitter letters are sure to bring some sparkle to the day!


polystyrene letters, mounted onto a wall and painted. Polystyrene letters and logos are ideal for signage for use both indoors and outdoors. We can produce the letters to specific artwork meaning the letters will represent your branding perfectly, and painted to match a particular Pantone or colour reference. The letters can be faced with colour matched acrylic for a more premium look.

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