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polystyrene snowflakes for commercial display Our snowflakes are made from expanded polystyrene which makes them a very cost effective way to create a Christmas or winter scene.


polystyrene baubles for window display Polystyrene balls, baubles and other shapes are available from 20mm diameter to over 1500mm diameter (5foot) These can be covered with a snow effect, frosted or glittered in a colour of your choice.

Acrylic Snowflakes

laser cut clear acrylic snowflakes Brand new this year are our acrylic snowflakes! These small snowflakes are ideal for a wide range of winter displays including jewellers, boutiques and perfume stores. The snowflakes look great hanging with some fairy lights or even a selection of our snowballs! Available in size from 100mm up to 180mm high, the snowflakes will transform any display!

Ideas Room!

Christmas Display Ideas As well as our wide range of standard Christmas display products, we also specialise in bespoke Christmas display props, and small runs. We are always working on new ideas for Christmas displays, as well as different ways yo use existing props.


polystyrene display snowmen, for instore, winter wonderland and event theming Our customisable polystyrene snowmen range from 150mm to over 3 meters in height, adding a cheerful wintry feel to any occasion.

VM Display Shelves

VM display shelves - baubles, trees snowmen and more. Our new VM display shelves provide a clever, cost effective way to add decoration to your window or in-store display, whilst promoting your merchandise. Supplied complete with shelves, and available in a wide choice of colours, these practical dual purpose decorations can be tailored to suit your theme.

Snowballs & Snow

polystyrene snowballs and artificial snow Polystyrene snowballs are available from 20mm diameter to over 1500mm diameter (5foot). Boxes of loose lay artificial snow are also available.


polystyrene penguins - christmas window display Polystyrene Penguins are available in a selection of sizes. Finished with black glitter, with white frost glitter fronts, they add a cheeky style to any display.

Snow & Ice Blocks

polystyrene snow blocks / bricks - christmas window display Polystyrene snow and ice blocks / bricks for decorative display walls. Icicles up to 2400mm !!.

Christmas Trees

light weight poly christmas trees - for shop display Our range of Polystyrene Christmas tree props are light, quick and easy to install - which makes them ideal for window displays - and event themeing.


polystyrene stars for window display 2D polystyrene Stars are available plain white, frosted or Glittered in a colour of your choice. All shapes are available with hanging points.


polystyrene reindeer for shops christmas windows 2D polystyrene reindeer are available plain white, frosted or Glittered in a colour of your choice. All shapes are available with hanging points.

Other 3d decorations

polystyrene bells, trees and drops - decorations for christmas displays In addition to our range of Christmas baubles we now offer a range of other 3d Christmas shapes including flattened baubles, bells, trees, tear drops and more.

Clear balls & shapes

clear / transparent plastic balls, baubles, trees and hearts Our high quality plastic baubles are (crystal) clear, and split in half, making them an ideal way to display small items such as pictures, confectionery, jewellery or mobile phones.

Display Snow

loose display fake imitation snow Loose display snow is great for decorating floor areas in window displays. It works especially well with our snowballs and snowmen! Is is supplied in boxes approx 40cm x 40cm x 40cm.