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Frank has a fully 3d sculpted body, with a semi 3d head. He comes with "Snow Arms" sculpted into his sides, and can be finished plain white, or with snow-effect. The cowboy hat and carrot nose come with him as standard, but other styles and features are available.

 .Little Frank - 1100 mm high Polystyrene Snowman  From £471.75
 Big Frank - 1500 mm high Polystyrene Snowman  From £669.38

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Polystyrene Snowman - Frank



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    Design & Material

    All our polystyrene snowmen have been designed and created at our studios in the UK.
    They are all produced from expanded polystyrene containing a flame retarding additive.
    When we apply snow effect, or glitter we do not use a flammable adhesive ( such as PVA )- Instead we use a special flame retarding coating. This coating increases their resistance to fire, as well as increasing their strength and durability.