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Ice is a semi 3d/2d snowman with a calved effect. He comes in 2 flavours- Thin; which has a flat un-sculpted back, suitable for window displays etc, and "Thick": which is fully sculpted, so suitable for viewing from any angle.
This style snowman can be finished plain white, or with a frost effect. The snow effect is not so suitable as it can hide the delicate details. Ice can wear any of the available hats, and can come with or without the stick arms.

 .Little Thick Ice - 1350 mm high Polystyrene Snowman  From £238.82
 .Little Thin Ice - 1350 mm high Polystyrene Snowman  From £176.90
 Big Thick Ice - 1700 mm high Polystyrene Snowman  From £342.01
 Big Thin Ice - 1700 mm high Polystyrene Snowman  From £253.34

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Polystyrene Snowman - Ice



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    Design & Material

    All our polystyrene snowmen have been designed and created at our studios in the UK.
    They are all produced from expanded polystyrene containing a flame retarding additive.
    When we apply snow effect, or glitter we do not use a flammable adhesive ( such as PVA )- Instead we use a special flame retarding coating. This coating increases their resistance to fire, as well as increasing their strength and durability.