Our polystyrene balls are manufactured from good quality expanded polystyrene. Our moulded balls ( from 20 mm to 500 mm ) are a higher density than many that you will find else where. Unlike most of the other moulded polystyrene balls available in the UK, these DO contain a flame retarding additive, which is especially important when they are to be used for shop and exhibition display.

These balls are often referred to as "styrofoam" balls, particularly in the USA and many European countries. This is generally incorrect, as "STYROFOAM tm" is an extruded polystyrene normally in blue, produced by The Dow Chemical Company. Our range of cut balls, from 150mm to over 2000mm are cut from pre-moulded blocks of EPS. These are cut on our own purpose built machines, which were designed by Graham Sweet.


The polystyrene balls can be finished in a wide range of colours. We can apply a paint finish, and get a good match to most pantone, RAL, or paint references. We also offer a glitter finish, which is ideal for Christmas decorations. We have a wide range of stock glitter colours. We can finish the balls with a "frosted" finish, in which we can offer a much wider range of colours. This effect looks similar to a fruit pastel.

The spheres can also be coated and textured with one of our natural Rock, snow, or metal finishes.

For some examples of our finishes, take a look through the poly ball photo gallery.

Hanging points

When required, the polystyrene balls can be fitted with secure hanging points. We have evolved a very secure method of fitting these hanging / suspension points, whereby the sphere has a threaded bar bolted all the way through from top to bottom. Many production companies will insist on a method like this especially for the larger spheres - where "glued in" hanging points will not be secure enough. When necessary, our hanging points can be tested by a listing company, and a certificate of conformity can issued. This is standard procedure for all our larger spheres.


Our moulded polystyrene balls are available form 20mm diameter, to 500mm diameter. For very large runs, we can mould customer specified sizes. The mould production is expensive, so is normally only an option when very large numbers are involved. Our range of cut balls, from 150mm to over 2000mm are cut from pre-moulded blocks of EPS. These are cut on our own purpose built machines, which were designed by Graham Sweet. These machines can be adapted to cut custom sizes and also custom shapes.


The diameter of the ball is the same as its height. The radius is the measurment from the center to the surface, this is half of the diameter.


This is the measurement around the outside of the ball at the widest point. This would be measured with a tape measure, similar to taking a waist measurement.

Surface area

This is the area on the outside of the ball. This is usefull to know to have an idea of how much paint it will take to coat a sphere.
Please note: the following information is intended only as a rough guide. The surface area of polystyrene balls can change depending on the exact finished diameter of the ball, and also the surface texture. Due to the nature of Expanded polystyrene, both of these can vary.
DiameterApprox inchesAbout the size of:Surface areaCircumference
20 mm0.8 inchesGrape12.6 square CM63 mm
30 mm1.2 inches 28.3 square CM94 mm
40 mm1.6 inchesping pong ball50.3 square CM126 mm
50 mm2 inches 78.5 square CM157 mm
60 mm2.4 inches 113.1 square CM188 mm
70 mm2.8 inchesTennis ball153.9 square CM220 mm
80 mm3.1 inches 201.1 square CM251 mm
90 mm3.5 inches 254.5 square CM283 mm
100 mm3.9 inches 314.2 square CM314 mm
120 mm4.7 inches 452 square CM377 mm
140 mm5.5 inches 616 square CM440 mm
150 mm5.9 inches 707 square CM471 mm
160 mm6.3 inches 804 square CM503 mm
170 mm6.7 inches 908 square CM534 mm
180 mm7.1 inches 1018 square CM565 mm
200 mm7.9 inchessoccer ball normally 220mm1257 square CM628 mm
250 mm9.8 inchesBasket ball0.2 square metres785 mm
290 mm11.4 inches 0.26 square metres911 mm
300 mm11.8 inches 0.28 square metres942 mm
390 mm15.4 inches 0.48 square metres1.23 metres
450 mm17.7 inches 0.64 square metres1.41 metres
500 mm19.7 inches 0.79 square metres1.57 metres
580 mm22.8 inches 1.06 square metres1.82 metres
600 mm23.6 inches 1.13 square metres1.88 metres
700 mm27.6 inches 1.54 square metres2.2 metres
800 mm31.5 inches 2.01 square metres2.51 metres
900 mm35.4 inches 2.54 square metres2.83 metres
1000 mm39.4 inches 3.14 square metres3.14 metres
1200 mm47.2 inches 4.52 square metres3.77 metres
1500 mm59.1 inches 7.07 square metres4.71 metres
2000 mm78.7 inches 12.57 square metres6.28 metres

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