Polystyrene Shapes by Graham Sweet Studios. Balls, eggs, cones, cubes and custom shapes from expanded polystyrene UK.

Polystyrene Shapes.

polystyrene balls and shapes
With over 50 years of experience in cutting and shaping expanded polystyrene, we pride ourselves on our exceptional range of standard and bespoke creations. From balls, cones, and eggs to custom polystyrene coving, including curved coving and pipe sections, we masterfully produce both 2D and 3D shapes tailored to your specific needs. Our dedication to quality and precision ensures that whether you're seeking mathematical models, tear drops, or any unique design, our products perfectly complement your creative projects. Discover the endless possibilities with our polystyrene solutions.

Polystyrene Balls

900mm polystyrene ball
We offer a large range of polystyrene balls from 20 mm diameter to over 2000mm. Available plain white, painted or glittered. Custom sizes available. All our balls are produced from good quality expanded polystyrene containing a flame retarding additive.

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Polystyrene Eggs

Polystyrene Eggs
We have a range of polystyrene eggs up to and over 2000mm high. These are ideal for Easter window displays, themed events, and Easter egg trails etc..

We use good quality display grade expanded polystyrene, containing a flame retarding additive. Eggs can be painted, Glittered, or left raw white polystyrene.

Custom sizes and shapes are available.

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Polystyrene Cones

Polystyrene cones
Our cones are available in a vast array of sizes, reaching up to and beyond 2000mm in height, catering to every design vision. Crafted from high-quality display grade expanded polystyrene. For those with specific needs, custom sizes and shapes are readily available, ensuring your creative vision can be brought to life with precision and ease.

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Technical Cutting - Bespoke

Polystyrene shapes - technical cutting
we specialize in precision technical cutting of polystyrene shapes for business clients. Our service includes custom polystyrene coving, curved coving, pipe sections, and a diverse range of 2D and 3D shapes such as cones, eggs, tear drops, and mathematical models. Leveraging advanced cutting technology, we deliver bespoke solutions with unmatched quality and precision, catering specifically to the needs of businesses seeking innovative and tailored polystyrene products.

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