EPS Packaging

Bespoke cut polystyrene packaging

We are experts in cutting expanded polystyrene and have been for 50 years. Our bespoke packaging pieces are accurately cut from good quality, display grade Expanded polystyrene containing a flame retarding additive.

eps polystyrene packaging - containing 6 coloured pots.
eps polystyrene packaging for drills and elecrical compenents

Pack to Present

We specialise in presentation packaging, which means that as well as being suitable for fragile electronic equipment, pharmaceutical items, glassware etc, we can produce accurate and presentable inserts for boxes for plaques, trophies and commercial samples.

Pack to Protect

EPS has great shock absorbing properties. It is ideal for protecting fragile items for storage and transportation / shipping. Being relatively low density, polystyrene packaging adds little weight to final package. EPS adds significant compression strength to packages which protects products when stacked.

eps polystyrene packaging for protecting mugs in transit.
protective polystyrene packaging

Pack to Save

Unlike moulded polystyrene packing pieces, with cut packaging, there are generally no tooling charges and setup costs are lower. This is ideal for smaller runs where a tool would be cost prohibitive. Good quality packaging will save you money in the long run, through less breakages.

Pack for first impressions

Always remember the all to often overlooked fact that your products packaging is often your customers very first impression of you. Poorly presented packaging, can make even an expensive well protected product look cheap.

protective polystyrene packaging

Acrylic Inserts

acrylic inserts for polystyrene packaging
Acryic inserts can be a great stylish addition to polystyrene packaging. These can be used a dividers, or placed on to as an overlay. The Acrylic can also be printed.

Acrylic Inserts

curved profiles cut from expanded polystyrene
Curved profiles and coving etc are normally produced for Architectural projects and theatrical sets. However, using the the same proccess, we can create curved, protectuve recesses for all mannor of items.

Clear plastic balls

180mm diameter clear plastic ball
We have a large range of clear plastic balls. These split in to 2 halves, and are a great optino for packaging gifts etc.

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What is EPS?

EPS, or expanded polystyrene, is a rigid cellular plastic foam. It originated from oil, but is 98% air! and is White in colour. The term “Styrofoam” is often incorrectly used to describe EPS. Styrofoam ® is a trade mark brand of Extruded polystyrene ( xps ). Both materials have their own advantages, and we can accurately cut both Expanded and Extruded polystyrene.

polystyrene eps dragons tooth design

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