Rustlite Hoists

We have a selection of standard size hoists ( block and tackle ) available to buy or hire: 730 mm tall, 1122mm tall and 1500 mm tall. Each hoist comes with top hanging chain, and a length of chain running through the wheel, with a hook on one end.
rustlite hoist - sculpted from polystyrene
Rustlite hoist and chain props, on display at Harrods london ( along with one of our sand stone sculptures )


Being made from expanded polystyrene, the hoists very light and easy to handle. It is produced with a toughened coating which makes it much stronger than plain polystyrene. Due to the nature of the material, the polystyrene chain offers low noise levels, which can be especially useful for film sets.

Finish Options

The hoists are available in a range of finishes. The "museum / Film" grade hoists have a highly realistic rusty looking finish. We then have the display grade which has less detail, and then the event grade - which is less detail again. We can also work to custom / bespoke finished and designs.
730mm tall rustlite hoist - Musium Grade finish
Rustlite Hoists and chain, on display at intershop at Olympia London.

Individually Sculpted

The hoists are ideal for film sets, window displays and promotional events. We have a small selection in stock ready for hire, and can produce large quantities to order.

Each RUSTLITE hoist is individually carved. In-fact, each link of chain is individually carved, which helps to give the props their unique and realistic look. All Rustlite chain is available for sale or for hire. All polystyrene used contains a flame retarding additive. EPS 70 E.
Design no. H73.5
73.5 cm hoist with single wheel, top hook 183cm chain and hook, plus 60cm supporting chain and ring.
Design no. H112/01
122 cm hoist with double wheel, 488cm chain & hook plus 122cm supporting chain.
Design no. H150/01
150cm hoist with 10 meter chain and hook plus 2 meter top chain and ring.
All the above sculptures are available for Hire, or for Sale. Prices on application.
Rustlite hoists being used in a window display for Jaeger, London

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