clear place holder fro large 3d wooden letters

3D Cardboard Letters

In addition to our popular polystyrene, styrofoam & wooden letters, we are now pleased to offer a large range of freestanding cardboard, card and paper mache ( Papier-mâché ) letters and numbers.

These cardboard letters have been developed and are produced at our studios in the UK.

These are ideal for shop window / retail display, stage and events, as well as marketing and brand awareness.
selection of large 3d cardboard and card letters
4 foot high and 2 foot high freestanding cardboard letters.

Size and Font

The 3d Cardboard letters can be produced in our standard fonts of Arial Bold or Impact Condensed, in sizes up to 1800mm high and thick enough to free stand. If you are looking for something more bespoke, we can produce the letters in most other fonts, or your own custom font. Just call the studio and speak to a member of our team who will be able to help.

Corrugated Cardboard, Card or Paper Mache?

We use a thick double ply cardbard as the starting point for all our cardboard letters. We can then edge these with a single ply cardboard - which gives a nice "framed" effect, or thin, more flexible card - for a smoother, less faceted curve. The 3d letters can then be left as plain card / cardboard - or finished with a layer of paper mache - which gives a patchwork textured effect - as well as adding considerble strength to the letters.

As the cardboard letters are hollow, if you need to dispose of them - they will flatten down to a fraction of their original volume.
Free standing - 3d cardboard letters
cardboar 3d letter C. Arial bold, 580 mm high. Covered with paper mache.


The 3d cardboard letters look great unfinished in their raw cardboard form, and also with a layer of brown paper mache. The letters can also be painted, covered with glitter, covered with FineRock , or a range of special finishes. Just give us a call if you would like to discuss in more detail.

Bases and Fixings

Most of the 3d cardboard letters are freestanding, however, depending on how and where you plan to use them, and also the size of them, you may benefit from having cardboard or MDF bases fitted. These will simply glue onto the bottom of the letters, and make them much more stable, which is great for events and graduations etc where there are people mingling nearby.

We can also fit MDF or plywood into the bottoms of the letters - meaning it is possible to screw into them. - Great for fixing them to a plinth for example.

We can also fit hanging points and fixing bars into the hollow cardboard letters.
Cardboard / papier mache 3d freestanding letter shape, mounted onto an MDF base.

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